Italian coffee

  • Harenna Forest - 100% Arabica


    It is a coffee that comes directly from the Harenna forest, one of Africa's largest forests.
    An ancient coffee, 100% Arabica, of great quality - Slow food presidium.

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  • Huehuetenango - 100% Arabica


    Directly from Guatemala, a country where some of the best coffees in the world are grown. A precious single-origin Arabica, spicy notes, floral aromas and a slight acidity are the main characteristics that make this coffee unique.

  • Pappagallo oro - 100% Arabica


    Fine blend, 100% Arabica, awarded by the International Coffee Tasting.

    This blend has floral notes, bergamot and spicy aromas that envelop our palate, leaving a balanced and round aftertaste and a pleasant persistence that reminds us of the pleasure of freshly drunk coffee.

  • Decaffeinated coffee


    Blend of Arabica and Robusta with less than 0.1% caffeine.

    The pleasure of an espresso with a strong and sweet taste together. In every moment of the day.