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Artisanal Classic colomba

Classic artisanal Colomba with candied orange cubes. With a delicious glaze with granulated sugar and almonds!
Worked slowly. As it once was.



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INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour (wheat) with stone-ground wheat germ (23%) [Wheat flour (wheat) - Stone-ground wheat germ (1% corresponding to 0.2% of the total ingredients)] - Candied Calabrian orange peel (17.5%) (Calabrian orange peel - Glucose-fructose syrup - Sugar) - Sugar - Butter (milk) - Glazing (10,5%) [Sugar - Egg white rehydrated from ground farming - Almond flour (12,5%) - Rice flour - Sunflower seed oil - Natural flavourings] - Ground-reared fresh egg yolk - Water - Almonds (3%) - Natural yeast (contains wheat) - Rehydrated whole milk - Emulsifiers Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids - Cocoa butter - Tuscan acacia honey (0,4%) - Salt - Natural flavourings (0,07%) - Natural vanilla flavouring (0,03%).

Contains: Wheat, milk, egg, almonds, soy. May contain: Other nuts (hazelnuts, pistachios). The product doesn’t contain GMO

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