Gin "Evra"

Fruity gin, the predominant note of berries combines perfectly with the austerity of juniper, the sensations of freshness deriving from mint and clary sage complete the aromatic picture to perfection.
The soft and enveloping taste of berries is strengthened in its complexity by the peach leaf, giving an oriental sensation.
The olfactory softness and the aroma of raspberry have the ability to satisfy the palate loving fresh and fruity drinks.



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BOTANICALS: infusion of fresh raspberries, juniper, angelica, ireos, coriander, peach leaf, clary sage, mint

Gin Tonic tips: add small red fruits, such as raspberries, pomegranate or strawberries and a couple of Cardamom berries; complete with fresh juniper berries and two mint leaves
Forum Vini di Franco Cavallero
Alcohol content
47% vol.

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