Apéritif and Liquor

  • Biological cedrata


    The "Cedrata" is one of the most popular soft drinks: its flavor recalls the economic boom, the jukebox and carefree atmospheres.
    Italian cult drink with an intense and clear yellow color, it is distinguished by the citrus taste that gives a fresh and thirst-quenching flavor.

  • Biological gazzosa


    A fresh and flavored water, with a fruity taste, whose name derives from the characteristic of being carbonated. Ideal for a refreshing break thanks to the pleasant notes of lemon. 100% biological

  • Biological Chinotto


    The typical drink of the national tradition, with a dark color and a full and intense flavor, is obtained thanks to a skilful balance of the ingredients. 100% biological

  • Gin "Gadan"


    Fresh gin, with a marked juniper scent, refreshed and softened by the floral essences that make it pleasant and pleasantly bitter. At the tasting, the right alcohol content softens the aromas and lengthens in the finish with aftertaste of violet and rose to close on the palate. For its cleanliness and freshness this Gin is recommended for floral cocktails, but with a strong taste. It's considered dry!

  • Gin "Blagheur"


    Herbaceous gin, the aromatic notes of cumin, coriander, zedoaria and mint blend with the aroma of juniper. Dry and decisive taste softened by the scents of rose, marjoram, ireos and arquebuse, with a slightly herbaceous and mentholated aftertaste. Good finish with a fresh and persistent herbaceous note.
    Ideal to drink straight as a meal or combined with tonic water.

  • Gin "Evra"


    Fruity gin, the predominant note of berries combines perfectly with the austerity of juniper, the sensations of freshness deriving from mint and clary sage complete the aromatic picture to perfection.
    The soft and enveloping taste of berries is strengthened in its complexity by the peach leaf, giving an oriental sensation.
    The olfactory softness and the aroma of raspberry have the ability to satisfy the palate loving fresh and fruity drinks.

  • Ron de Panama "Plandron"


    This Ron de Panama originates from the processing of sugar cane plants, which are essential to give rise to a quality distillate. Once the molasses is obtained, it is distilled, taking care to follow each phase of the entire production process with attention and caution. After the production process, the Rum is aged in oak barrels that previously contained Jack Daniels Tennesee Whiskey for a few years in Panama, an area where the climate favors the rapidity of the aging phase; then the barrels are selected giving space to the imagination to create the bland that is bottled as PLANDRON.

  • Gin "Nimum"


    Surprising gin, with a slightly citrus scent, refreshed and softened by the floral essences that make it pleasant and pleasantly bitter. The color of gin changes in contact with the tonic becoming purple, for a fantastic visual effect.

  • White Vermouth


    Vermouth, as we know it today, was born in Turin in 1786. Originally made with Muscat, it quickly became one of the most famous aperitifs and cocktail ingredients. Mauro Vergano's vermouth is made with a blend of Moscato and Cortese to which is added a very complex mixture of herbs dominated by fresh aromatic notes that derive from the use of thyme, marjoram, basil and oregano. The bitter notes are given by absinthe and again by the use of citrus peel.

  • Chinato


    Mauro Vergano's Chinato is made with a young Nebbiolo from Barbaresco instead of a Barolo to preserve the aromas and tannins of the wine rather than the aromas derived from the barrel. The aromatic mixture is composed of two parts. The bitter part given by the use of China bark, Chinese rhubarb and gentian, and the aromatic part (very persistent) given by the use of cardamom, cloves, coriander and bay leaf. Chinato can be drunk as an aperitif, as a digestive wine or hot as a mulled wine.

  • Elixir of China


    Two different types of cinchona bark, gentian and bitter orange are used to prepare this Elixir of China. The result is a product with different shades of bitter.

  • Limoncello made with...


    This delicious sweet and sour liqueur with a genuine flavor is made with the Sorrento lemon. The lemons grown by the Pollio family are the "oval of Sorrento" variety, a succulent citrus fruit of great value. The perfect balance between acidity and sugars, accompanied by an important quantity of essential oils contained in the peel, give the fruit an aromatic scent.