New products

  • copy of Box mixed sweet...


    The truffle are produced with Piedmont hazelnut and the best quality chocolate. Thanks to the high quality of hazelnut paste, the result is a soft praline with torrone grains inside and another with cocoa grains. The truffle is then dusted with cocoa to finish its preparation.

  • Mixed soft amaretti


    Classy and colourful the amaretti in metal boxes are the perfect gift for those who are searching for a high quality artisanal and beautiful product: after the palate, you should also please the eyes and we know it!

  • Artisanal Chocolate colomba


    Colomba with dark chocolate drops without candied orange cubes. With a delicious almond and cocoa glaze!

  • Bunet - Chocolate and...


    Bunet is the quintessential dessert of the Piedmontese tradition.

    Ready to serve on the table! It can be garnished as desired with whipped cream, strawberries or peaches.